Never Freelance Totally Alone

September 20, 2023

Since I graduated from college and lived on my own, I’ve always had cats. It began with just one — Gotham. She was a perfect companion who liked to share my coffee and sit on my desk. Then came Gatsby. She liked to sit on my lap and shed her white fur everywhere.

While both of these cats have gone onto that great big litter box in the sky, today, Lupin, Helix, Rune and Tuxito are all my live-in feline friends. Lupin is five, the twins are two and Tux is four months.

They’re a crazy crew of...

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When It’s Time to Consider Going Full-time

August 23, 2023

This is not a topic I’m thrilled to think about. As a freelancer, I’ve created a work-life balance for myself that is perfectly catered to my own needs. I know when the best times are, for me, to get work done, and when I need to be available for my family. None of this falls into a 9-5 opening of course.

Yet, the hardest part of being a freelancer is consistency. It’s near impossible to guarantee the same workload will come in each month, which means paychecks vary. Although, even without...

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Stop Being so Redundant

July 19, 2023

Yes, I’m talking to all of you. This is something we’ve all been guilty of, but it’s time to stop the insanity. Even if AI is now doing most of your writing, you’re still editing, and avoiding unnecessary words at all cost should now be your new mantra.

What am I talking about you ask? Well, when you use two words in a row with essentially the same meaning, it’s known as a tautology. Fancy words aside, it’s ultimately saying the same thing twice. It’s a redundancy.

We’ve accepted many of...

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6 Tips to Compartmentalizing Your Day During the Summer

June 21, 2023

I wish we could bottle the anticipation and excitement that oozes through kids as the end of school approaches. It’s summer, and suddenly the possibilities are endless, the freedom is palpable and the routine is on hiatus. It’s a wonderful time that adults who work full time truly miss and freelancers with children dread.

That’s right, I’m being fully transparent that I, a full-time freelancer and part-time stay-at-home mom do NOT love summers.

I lose that amazing predicability of school,...

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Why Being a Morning Person Makes Freelancing Easier

May 17, 2023

Don’t hate me, but I’m a morning person. The minute my alarm goes off (if not several minutes before), I’m up and immediately getting ready for my day. Within the first 15 minutes, I’m dressed, my teeth are brushed and I’m beginning to feed my cats and get my kids’ lunches together.

This is not something I have control over either. My dad was a morning person, usually up way too early watching the weather and the news while it was still dark outside. I do sleep later than he often did, but...

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