2 posts published in October 2017

What it’s like being a freelancer

October 4, 2017

The answer to this honestly varies week-by-week. The hardest part about being a freelancer is ensuring work continues to flow in, so that you’re never really without anything to do. Sure, the volume of work will be different each week, so will the deadlines associated with each project. I just had less than a week to complete a 6,500 word project that I was working on until the very last minute, while another project I have for 2,200 words isn’t due for a month. Because of all these...

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Best Places to Write

October 18, 2017


It’s challenging to do the same type of task each day in the exact same spot. As a content creator, I'm writing everyday. The type of writing I do changes — sometimes it’s an email, other days it’s blog posts, and there are even times where I spend an entire day doing research in preparation to write. Regardless of the content type or the subject matter, my time working is spent with my computer, typing away…and I love it. I’m actually doing what I love to do, but there are days when...

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